Steps to Take If You are Facing Deportation

With the crackdown on deportation recently surging in the U.S., there's no doubt that a pressing need for immigration reform in the country is subsisting. Many immigrants these days — like those you see at the local grocery store or even your family member — may be in an unstable position regarding deportation. If you're an immigrant, it's best to understand what you can expect if you are facing deportation.

The Process and Why You Could be Facing Deportation

Various reasons could be underlying your deportation troubles in Miami and elsewhere in the United States. These are some of the reasons why an immigrant could be in danger of deportation:

  • Criminal behavior
  • Immigration fraud (lying on visa applications or misleading marriage to a United States citizen)
  • Came into the United States illegally.

A person can also get deported if they've been deemed inadmissible before coming to the country or if a public charge status is on record.

What to do When You're Faced with Deportation in Florida

There are some options in which you can respond to immigration threats. As long as you're someone who abides by the law, you can increase your chances to remain legally in the U.S. These are the actions you can take if you've been given a notice of deportation:

Speak with a Reputable and Experienced Immigration Attorney Immediately
It's urgent to seek legal counsel from immigration lawyers surrounding your legal status after immigration officers or ICE agents have come into contact with you. Even if you've been detained already, you have the right to have an attorney represent you in your deportation matter.

Ensure You're Always Abiding by the Law
Preemptively handling deportation matters is how you can best prevent it from happening to you. As an immigrant who is worried about the threat of deportation, it is vital to make sure that you're abiding by the law. The less legal concerns you have, the less chance ICE agents or immigration officers will approach you. Lawfulness is also a good cause if you need it for your defense.

Know Your Rights
Exercising your right to refuse to answer leading questions and to remain silent is paramount. Ensure that you are also not signing anything without the consent of your immigration lawyer or legal adviser.

As an immigrant, various approaches can be taken and looked into after you've been flagged for deportation. Contact the legal experts at Revilla Law Firm, P.A. at 305-858-2323 to determine the best means of keeping you in the country.
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