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Top Reasons for Deportation
Top Reasons for Deportation

Understanding the Risks of Deportation Being flagged for removal from the United States is no doubt an unsettling situation. Whether they realize it or not, both documented and undocumented immigrants can be at risk for deportation . Understanding the reasons why you could ...

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Blog Posts in 2019

  • Can Adjustment of Status Save You From Deportation?

    Hearing the news that you are flagged for removal is not only stressful but can leave you scared when unsure where to turn for help. You may think ...

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  • Deportation 101: The Basics You Need to Know

    Getting a letter from the Department of Homeland Security with the news that you are being deported is a scary and stressful situation. Many ...

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  • Everything You Should Know About Immigrant Visas

    Foreign nationals are granted U.S. visas for many different travel reasons . Applying for a visa can be complicated, so knowing how the process works ...

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  • What To Do If Your Visa Has Expired?

    Being granted a visa gives foreign nationals a chance to visit the U.S. for a variety of different travel reasons . Whether you’re a student attending ...

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  • The Difference Between Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visas

    There are 185 different types of U.S. visas that fall into the categories of immigrant visa and nonimmigrant visa. While it may be a complicated task ...

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  • What Type of Visa Am I Eligible For?

    Did you know that there are over 185 different types of immigration visas? While the number may seem overwhelming to sort through, it’s not difficult ...

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  • What is the Difference Between Consular Processing and Adjustment of Status?

    Depending on your immigration status, when applying for a green card , there are two routes in which you can take — consular processing or adjustment ...

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  • What is a Green Card?

    Green cards, also known as permanent residency cards, allows foreign nationals to live and work in the United States permanently. Although the process ...

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  • Is it Difficult to Get a Green Card?

    Qualifying foreign nationals have the right to apply for a green card under certain circumstances. However, without the assistance of an immigration ...

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