Miami Immigration Lawyer Antonio Revilla Discusses Removal Proceedings

Antonio Revilla The United States Government routinely seeks to place aliens, including those who are lawfully admitted as permanent residents, into removal proceedings. If you are in removal proceedings, it means that the United States Government intends to deport you from the United States.

These proceedings can be initiated due to various reasons, including overstaying a visa, entry using fraudulent documents, arrests and/or convictions for misdemeanors or felonies. In certain cases, relief from removal (deportation) is available. This relief comes in the form of political asylum; cancellation of removal; and waivers or pardons under certain sections of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Removal proceedings are a serious matter. When you need a Miami immigration lawyer, contact Revilla Law Firm, PA. As a former U.S. immigration prosecutor, Miami Immigration Attorney Antonio Revilla understands the important questions to ask during bond hearings before an immigration judge. Our qualified team of immigration professionals have extensive experience representing men and women in immigration proceedings. We will help you to apply for political asylum where persecution is based on: Race, Religion, Nationality, Political opinion, or Membership in a particular social group

If you are involved in removal proceedings, you need an attorney with the skill and experience to protect your interests. We know the dangers faced by men and women involved in removal proceedings. We know that deportation often leads to persecution and torture. We are committed to protecting our clients by providing aggressive representation in immigration matters.

At Revilla Law Firm, we help clients file applications for residency, waivers for removal, motions to reopen closed cases, and waivers of deportation under the Immigration and Naturalization Act. If you have green card issues, or if you were detained for removal proceedings, call our deportation defense team today. Revilla Law Firm handles all types of detained cases, including bond hearings at Krome and all detention facilities nationwide.

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