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Asylum Seekers May See a Speed Up in Claims

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Backlogs have been a consistent problem in the United States immigration system – even with asylum cases. However, the White House is implementing a plan to have the Department of Homeland Security asylum officers take over cases on the southern border. The White House suspects that these changes will shift future asylum cases out of backlogging immigration courts.

How Long Will Asylum Cases Take?

During the pandemic, asylum seekers have been turned away at the border because of Title 42 – a public health order set in place by the Trump administration. Before the pandemic, asylum seekers who could show that they had a credible fear of returning to their country of origin were allowed to enter the United States and wait for a court date, which could take years.

The White House’s new plan would increase the number of officers who determine if a migrant is eligible for asylum. Currently, there are only 540 immigration judges handling nearly 1.3 million cases. The plan is to increase the number of asylum officers and have each one handle a smaller caseload. It is still unclear how long asylum cases will take after the White House implements these changes – it is only said to be faster than the current process.

Does This Benefit Asylum Seekers?

We still have yet to see how this new implementation will impact asylum seekers. However, there are some concerns with this new plan. Some advocates believe that it could be used as a way to speed up deportations without due process. Yet, it is implied that the determination process will be the same, but there will be more asylum seekers on staff to help speed up the process.

What Do I Need to Do to Increase My Chances at Asylum Status?

To obtain asylum status in the United States, you must prove that you experience persecution in your home country or fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. Our team at Revilla Law Firm, P.A. can analyze your situation and help you develop a strong case that highlights why you fear persecution.

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