Will Your Case Be Affected By the New Immigration Proclamation?

Understanding President Trump’s Immigration Proclamation

As of Thursday, April 23, 2020, at 11:59 pm eastern time, President Trump issued an executive order to temporarily stop the issuance of green cards for 60 days to help eliminate competition between American workers and foreign workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on to learn more about how this may affect the status of your immigration case.

Who Does the Proclamation Apply To?

All people who are currently living outside of the United States are temporarily prohibited from obtaining a green card and will affect those who:

  • Are a parent, adult child, or sibling who is seeking a green card through a family member who is an American citizen.
  • Are seeking a green card to enter the U.S. through other ways, such as an employment or EB-1 visa.

If you are already a green card holder, you are not permitted to sponsor a spouse or child for permanent residency during the proclamation period.

Who Is Exempt From the Proclamation?

You will not be affected by the proclamation if you meet the following requirements:

  • You already have an adjustment of status case pending.
  • You live outside the U.S. and have an immediately available visa and already have a passport stamp.
  • You are the spouse or child under 21 years of age of a U.S. citizen.
  • You are coming to the U.S. as a medical professional, in the medical research field, or working in the capacity of COVID-19 related services.
  • You are seeking an EB-5 investor visa.
  • You are a member of the armed forces.
  • You meet the requirements for a special immigrant visa.

Will The Proclamation Extend Beyond 60 Days?

While the proclamation is set to last 60 days, there will be a review of the proclamation by the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Homeland Security, with the consultation of the Secretary of State. The aforementioned parties will determine whether or not the proclamation will be extended or any revisions will be made.

Speak with A Miami Immigration Lawyer

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