The Trump Government's Answer to Immigration: Self-Deportation

By: Antonio G. Revilla III

Former U.S. Immigration Prosecutor / Over 25 years of legal experience

The Trump Government, with its Executive Orders and Memos on Immigration, has devised a plan, not of practical and realistic enforcement of Immigration Laws, but rather one of propaganda to instill fear in non-citizens. Whether self-deportation was the intent of the Trump administration or simply a byproduct of their tough stance on immigration enforcement, some non-citizens will find themselves resorting to such measures as their hope continues to be eclipsed by fear.

If by design, the underlying and unspoken agenda is to cause so much fear that people self-deport. The reality is that nothing regarding normal and historical deportation trends are going to realistically change due to a lack of man-power and economic resources. Mass deportation of 11 Million people will never happen, but perhaps the Trump propaganda machine is hoping that it can make a small dent to satisfy its constituents by scaring non-citizens into self-deportation.

The reality is these individuals who might consider self-deportation strictly out of fear would probably not even be deported by the government since such an undertaking simply isn’t feasible or logistically possible without drastic and costly changes.

So, who is really in danger of being deported? Criminal aliens and those non-citizens suspected of terrorism and fraud are always at risk of deportation due to enforcement priorities, as has historically been the case throughout the Obama Administration and others. However, certain crimes can subject non-citizens to removal proceedings - not charges like DUI, jaywalking, traffic infractions, and the like, so it’s important to understand the difference and learn the facts before reacting to threats of deportation.

As for other non-citizens, there really is not so much risk as mentioned above. The Trump government is hoping that fear will help to accomplish its anti-immigrant goals. What they don’t realize is that when fear is the motivator, their goals will likely fail.

It is recommended that you speak with an immigration attorney to address any concerns about your immigration status. There is a lot of misinformation being circulated and it’s advisable to discuss your situation with an immigration lawyer who understands the law and can provide you with the guidance you need to make informed decisions.


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