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Revilla Law Firm, P.A., is a full-service immigration law firm that has represented thousands of clients in all areas of immigration law. Our aggressive but diplomatic approach to legal representation has earned us a reputation of success throughout the South Florida legal community. Our Miami immigration lawyers are equipped to handle even the most difficult immigration cases because of our experience, legal knowledge, and commitment to fighting for your position to stay in the United States.

Through ongoing communications with our clients, our goal is to help you understand the issues by providing extensive knowledge and the professional guidance you need to achieve the best outcome in your case.

Antonio G. Revilla III is a Former U.S. Immigration Prosecutor and an immigration attorney with almost 25 years of legal experience. Mr. Revilla's background as a former prosecutor makes him uniquely qualified to know what the immigration authorities are looking for when they consider applications for asylum, residency, and waivers. Our immigration lawyers understand the reasoning of the immigration prosecutors and judges in deportation proceedings, which allows us to present a comprehensive and effective defense to deportation.

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At Revilla Law Firm, P.A., we have an excellent reputation throughout the legal community for handling immigration matters, including deportation defense, legalization, employment-based immigration, and much more.

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