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AILA South Florida Warns Immigrants about the Dangers of Working with Notarios and Stresses the Importance of Qualified Representation

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

AILA South Florida has issued a serious warning cautioning foreign nationals about the grave financial and legal dangers of working with notarios on their immigration processes. According to the American Bar Association, without sufficient knowledge of immigration law or a law license, notarios often make critical errors that can cause permanent damage to immigrant families, creating financial distress and hurting their current and future chances at citizenship.*

Notarios are not recognized by the U.S. government or any State Bar Association as valid immigration law representatives and are not authorized to provide any immigration-related services. In fact, it is illegal for notarios to provide any type of immigration advice or assistance.*

Even worse, notarios frequently exploit the needs of immigrant families and con them out of their hard-earned money. Earlier this year, federal charges were filed in three separate cases of immigration scams affecting undocumented immigrants in South Florida.**

AILA has created a comprehensive consumer website that provides information and resources to immigrants to help them avoid being defrauded by a notario. StopNotarioFraud.org also supplies information about where they can get help if harmed.

It is vitally important for immigrants to consult a licensed immigration attorney before taking any legal action involving their US immigration status. Only licensed immigration lawyers and accredited representatives are authorized and qualified to assist immigrants with the legal process. Proceeding without counsel from a knowledgeable, experienced attorney can lead to troublesome, and often even irreversible, complications during the legal process.

AILA South Florida recommends that individuals in need of immigration legal services seek the counsel of immigration lawyers, such as the members of AILA South Florida, who are licensed attorneys dedicated to the practice of immigration law. Licensed immigration attorneys are better equipped than notarios to advise foreign nationals about the potential benefits, risks and pitfalls of an immigration case, and to recommend appropriate courses of action.


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