Entrevistas De Matrimonio

A marriage interview is an interview conducted by the U.S. Government to determine the validity of a marriage. The U.S. Government uses the interview to make a finding regarding whether the marriage was entered into for the purpose of circumventing immigration laws. This interview occurs as part of the residency process when a spouse is petitioning for the other spouse to become a permanent resident. A marriage interview can be a very stressful and intimidating experience for many married couples. It can last several hours depending on the case.

An officer will conduct the interview with the married couple. The officer will review the bona fides of the marriage. These are documents such as bank accounts, titles, deeds, bills, birth certificates, and correspondence which establish the validity of the marriage. The officer will also ask questions of the married couple regarding the relationship in general and the history of the relationship. The questions can be very detailed and difficult to answer. The couple will often be separated and questioned in detail. The interviews are sometimes videotaped or recorded. It is advisable for any couple to consult and prepare with a qualified immigration attorney before proceeding with marriage-based residency and before attending a marriage interview.

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